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hydraulic machine

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Hydraulic Press for pressing PHE plates

Metal plates forming hydraulic press is used for high-density corrugated shallow drawing and forming, such as stainless steel, titanium plate heat exchanger plates. The frame and cylinder of the press are wound by high-strength pre-stressed steel wire. The structure design has the features of high safety factor, anti-tensile and anti-fatigue. The lifetime is more than 15 years.

The hydraulic system is mainly composed of the main system, the ultrahigh pressure control system and the auxiliary control system. Various special high pressure valve units are designed and configured by reasonable system to maximize the energy utilization and realize the low consumption and high efficiency. The electrical system controls the operating conditions of the press through independent PLCs, including the operating system, the safety system and the status self-test system.

TPY’s presses users are APV, Tranter, Spurley, Siping giant yuan, Lanzhou Lan Shi, Shanghai South China and other domestic and foreign famous PHE manufacturers.