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Sales field


Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for assisting the sales manager to track the project and handle customer feedback;

2, responsible for the collection of project information and project customer needs, the relevant market information mining and finishing collection;

3, is responsible for assisting sales manager to communicate with customers, and customers to establish a good relationship;

4, to complete the sales manager assigned to other work.



1, college degree or above (science and technology priority);

2, with industrial product sales experience is preferred, with good communication and expression skills;

3, the work of a proactive, patient and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, full of team spirit, with comprehensive, systematic analysis of control ability;

5, with a strong organizational coordination, co-ordination, execution;


operating hours:

Normal class, double break. (Enjoy national holidays)

work place:

Dongting Road Nujiang Road intersection, the United States Square, Building 2, 403



1,he basic salary of 2000-4000 yuan, commission additional;

2, there are five insurance a gold