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Production capacity

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TPY Group of Tianjin production base covers 20 acres, now with international advanced production equipment and management philosophy. The annual output can reach more than 20,000 square meters, and meet customer needs at best. The user in different conditions can choose different monolithic area from 0.018-2.74 square meters, and different models including a wide channel version, shallow channel, condensation, evaporation, free flow, free sticky pads, ranging channel, semi-welded, fully welded and other major series with more than a hundred kinds.

Our trained and skilled staff are in strict accordance with the process to ensure that the normative of plate pressing. Our company designed developed and manufactured 10,000 tons and 20,000 tons ultra high hydraulic press by ourselves. Their largest single repression area reached three square meters. Professional skills and equipment guarantee the plate’s high precision of suppression, thus ensuring high quality of heat exchangers, and won the consistence praise and favor from domestic and foreign customers.

TPY plate heat exchanger will become the important part of large-scale and expensive equipment systems because of the heat exchanger failure may lead to serious consequences. This is the reason customers choose our products. TPY Group take responsibility for our customers’ trust with practical action, for which we invested heavily, used international advanced production equipment, hired well-known thermal experts home and abroad, and in strict accordance with international standards to research, develop, and produce high quality products. In this way to create conditions for TPY plate heat changer to occupy the international and domestic markets.

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