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Product advantages

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Taipingyang company production plate heat exchanger from the mold development began, with high-quality research team and advanced production equipment, after years of exploration and innovation, our company already has a unique production technology and technical characteristics, to ensure that plate heat transfer Equipment can be stable operation, improve product life, to bring the greatest benefits to customers.

Taipingyang plate heat exchanger has the following technical advantages:

1, clamping plate 4 imports and exports are used with the same material sheet metal bushings, and other manufacturers for the rubber sleeve. Metal bushing to extend the life of the frame plate, maintenance without changing the bushing, greatly improving the life of the heat exchanger.

2,The activities of the clamping plate roller all the use of high-strength nylon material, so there will not be opened when the maintenance of the roller due to rust caused by moving plate can not move

3, Plate heat exchanger gasket all the use of pad structure, so easy disassembly

4,All large plate heat exchangers are equipped with nuts with bearings and special non-slip washers, so that a worker can use ordinary tools to disassemble the plate

5,The nozzle part of the schematic