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Full-welded plate heat exchanger

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Full-welded plate heat exchangers are all the plates welded to replace the traditional rubber gaskets connection, preventing the leakage of media caused by the deformation of the gaskets at high temperatures. The welding process is the important and difficult technic in full welded plate heat exchanger manufacturing. Full-welded plate heat exchanger has the features of  compact structure, small occupation, high heat transfer efficiency, high pressure capacity (up to 4.0MPa), and  high temperature (up to 300 ~ 500 ) resistance.

TPY use automatic laser welding in core welding in the manufacturing of full-welded plate heat exchangers. 80% welding line used laser welding. Pulsed argon arc welding are used for the welding between boards and the connection plates.

TPY’s all-welded plate heat exchanger features:

1. Our products of all-welded plate heat exchanger use plate laser welding molding. The design life is more than 15 years.

2. The advantages of laser welding: heat exchanger plate welding is thin plate welding. Traditional manual argon arc welding has comparative heat affected area. Break is easier to appear in the hot and cold exchange process. The heat affected area also reduces the corrosion resistance of the material, and the service life of the equipment is shortened.

3. Laser welding is the advanced and mature plate welding technology. The welding line is very small, which can ensure that the welding area and non-welding area have the same corrosion resistance. Break will not appear in large temperature difference between the hot and cold exchange.