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Removable plate heat exchanger

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PTY plate heat exchangers have the BR series, CM series, TM series, condenser, evaporator, semi-welded and all-welded type, which are divided into more than 100 kinds of plate types. Various models of deep ripple, shallow ripple, large angle, small angle could meet the needs of different users. In addition, the PHE can be designed according to special working conditions required by users.

1. structure: plate heat exchanger structure is relatively simple, it is composed by plate, gasket, fixed plate, movable plate, clamping bolts and nuts, upper and lower guide rod, pillars and other components

The plate is heat transfer element, the gasket is sealing element, and the gasket is placed in the gasket groove of the plate by clips. Hang the pad of the plate in a certain order placed between the fixed plate and the movable plate, with clamping bolts will be fixed plate, plate, the movable board clamping. We put the clamping plate, upper and lower guide rod, clamping bolts, pillars collectively referred to as the plate heat exchanger frame. All plates arranged according to certain rules are called plate bundles. After pressing, the contacts of the adjacent plates are in contact with each other, so that a gap is maintained between the plates to form a fluid passage. The heat transfer medium is accessed from the interface in the fixing plate or the movable plate and is separated into the fluid passage between the plates for heat exchange.

Typical structure of plate heat exchanger

2. Selection of plate material needs to take into account the material toughness. The thickness of the plate is only 0.5 ~ 0.6mm, material resistance to medium corrosion is more important. Depending on the operating medium, the plate are divided into following material:

3. Gasket is a key element in plate heat exchanger. The operating temperature of the heat exchanger is essentially the temperature at which the gasket can withstand; the working pressure of the plate heat exchanger is also determined by the gasket.

(1) Seal Material:

(2) gasket structure

①my company pad structure for the roof-type geometric shape, is the sealing force for longer

②snap-type gasket installation more convenient and quick, without the use of any adhesive